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In 2009 our name changed from Chestnut Hill Chimney Service to Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth. We changed our name to reflect our expanded services that we now offer to our customers.  Our people, phone number, email and web address are the same.


We still provide chimney sweeping, installations of wood stoves, wood inserts, gas stoves, gas fireplaces, gas inserts, pellet stoves and pellet inserts. We can service any make or model of wood, gas or pellet appliance. We clean oil flues and can reline oil flues for maximum efficiency and safety.*

What we DO NOT do is sell and install fences, sell patio furniture, BBQ grills, do landscaping or any handyman work. We also do not advertise on trees. We are chimney and hearth professionals, this is not a "side business" or "weekend only" for us.


We can reline or repair any flue. We can install metal chimneys to vent any fuel. We can also design a whole new look for your room including the new heating appliance, stone or brick facing, hearth, mantel - whatever you need to make your house a home.


The main difference is that now we offer direct to homeowner sales of Regency, Enviro, Vistaflame, Napoleon, Majestic, WoodMaster and Sierra products. We also can repair fireplaces using Ahrens system. We are constantly on the lookout for new products to offer to our customers, everything from pellet smoker grills to pizza ovens to better heating units. However we do not have a showroom, please call for an appointment so we can come to you.


Mark Jones and David Turner are both NFI Certified Master Hearth Professionals.

Mark Jones and David Turner are both licensed in NH and ME for working on gas hearth appliances. Our business is registered in NH as Mechanical Business Entity #MBE15000864 Hearth Systems, also required for legally working on gas hearth appliances.



Business Philosophy

  • To maintain the highest possible standards using the best quality products available.

  • To keep up with the latest in products and equipment.

  • To work with local and regional distributors to provide the system that is best for your home.

  • To perform all work according to National Fire Protection Association Standards.

Customer Reviews (from real customers, some posted on line, others from emails)

Yelp has chosen to list as "not recommended" positive reviews, and will not take down 2 very negative ones that are fake. I have spoken to them and they said a computer program decides what reviews are "good to post" and what aren't. Because computers never make mistakes.

Lori & John:  I just wanted to thank both of you for the outstanding work that you performed in New Boston, installing the new pellet stove, tiling etc.  It all looks wonderful. We should have taken a before and after picture, but that's ok, the after picture is a huge improvement.  If you would like to use us for a reference, please feel free to do so (not that you would need it, your superior work says it all!).  Thanks again - we love it!
                 note: New Boston isn't our normal service area but these are customer's who also have a seasonal house in our area and wanted us to install a stove in their home as well.

Ben S, Farmington: I will have to say that having the stove last year was life changing. It was so nice to have the extra heat & keeping my living room at 70-75 all winter long.

M.G., Milton: Handwritten note with payment: Mark, Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me & to give me options for heat. It was very informative & much appreciated.

L.M., Dover (from Yelp): These guys put a Harman Accentra in my fireplace back in 2009.  Both the owner Mark and his main worker David were both great.  They were fair estimating the price and did the job in half a day.  The stove has been good except for the typical breakdowns.  Had a feed motor die and the guys came out and fixed that quickly no problem.  They even told me after an annual cleaning that it looked like i was doing a good job keeping the stove and the flue cleaned out and if I kept up with it and wanted to do it myself that was fine.  Genuinely seem like they want to help me save money.
This year the stoves performance was down, emailed Mark and told him what was happening, he recommended flipping the stove over and looking at the distributor fan which I did and it was caked with soot/hair and this was causing it to over heat and then shut down in cycles which really decreased the heat from my stove.  Once again there willing to help you try to fix it yourself if you want to try and if you fail then they'll come out.  These guys have been great.  
Thinking about using them to do a gas stove in my family room upstairs.

C.M. , Farmington (from Yelp): Chestnut Hill came highly recommended to me by local folks in my town... they are well-known in our area as the best there is when it comes to matters of the hearth and chimney.  They tromped around outside in waist high snow to form a game-plan for a few minutes, then put drop cloths on the floors so they wouldn't muck up my house, and got to business. They ran into a construction issue with my house when putting in my new pellet stove (what kind of idiot builder puts a heating duct to the upstairs on an outside wall? Even I know that's not right). After just a few stunned moments and some discussion of WTH is this, they figured out how to work around it. I was really impressed with their general knowledge over and above just the pellet stove, I was amazed actually. When the stove was finally installed they cleaned up, vacuumed, gave me a lesson in how to clean it regularly, which is really easy even for me, and left the place in better condition then when they got here. 


C.P., Kittery Point: "We certainly have been enjoying the fireplace, as have the dog and cats.  We have received many compliments from family and friends, one of which at least will be contacting you about having some work done on his home.I think that Mark really did an exceptional job with the basic install, and fixing the insulation and structural issues that he encountered along the way, from original construction, showed a true professional.  We have no question that his work is of the highest caliber of safety and attention to detail. A warm house and a happy wife—money well spent."


C.M., Dover: (from Yelp) "Called Chestnut Chimney to have my pellet stove cleaned and serviced and to ask questions as to why it wasn't working properly. They went above and beyond to explaining how the stove works and how to properly clean it."


R.S., Newmarket: "THE BEST! we can't say enough good about the quality of the work or follow-up. We recommend them to everyone considering ANY sort of fireplace or heating stove."


B.B., Rochester (from our Facebook Page): "We use them. Very good people and great service."


E.B., Durham (from our Facebook Page): "A five star company. Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth has helped us maintain our home for years with incredibly competent and reliable service. Honest friendly service is always rare and appreciated."


S.M., Gonic: "Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth is THE BEST! Great service, professional, knowledgeable and certified! Highly recommended for all your wood stove, fireplace and chimney needs."


Company Profile

Mark Jones started his chimney sweeping business in 1989, with training from August West, Inc. His chimney service business started out as general sweeping, but has now expanded to include all aspects of chimney repair and restoration. 

Mark has earned 4 national certifications, and is a member of The National Chimney Sweep Guild, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (both National and Regional), National Fire Protection Association, New Hampshire Association of Chimney Professionals, and the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

He is a certification class teacher for the National Fireplace Institute, "how to" classes at trade shows, and classes for Fire Departments, Home Inspectors, Fire Investigators and is developing a new class for Homeowners.

Our service technicians always wear uniforms, and our company service truck is lettered, you will know who we are when we arrive at your door. We also carry photo ids. When we call your home or leave a message we will always identify ourselves so you know who you are talking to. We never cold call, or employ telemarketers.

Click for more information on Licenses, Certifications and Titles.


Contact Us:
(603) 755-4835 to schedule an appointment
Mark (for technical questions) chcs@metrocast.net
Laura (for everything else) chcsadmin@metrocast.net
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We look forward to hearing from you!

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