Catalog of Testing Components and Parts for Pellet and Gas Stove Service


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Component Test Box, 120 volt  part # CTB120   $150


Allows testing of individual components such as motors and ignitors in a safe and controlled manner.

Incorporates current protection, ground fault protection and safe switching with indicator light.

Test Breaker   part # TB1-5    $38

Test_Breaker_1Test_Breaker_2Used in place of fuse when trying to find shorted component. Resettable 5 amp breaker reduces chance of board damage. Saves your supply of fuses.   


Magnehelic  part # MHK1    $250             

MagnehelicSensitive vacuum gauge for testing air pressures in stove and vacuum/pressure switches.

1.0” water column. Has proper range for Harman.

Includes; Vacuum source, tee connector and 1/8 tube adapter for small test ports.               


Vacuum source.     part # VS1      $12

Vacuum_Source_1vacuum_source_2Allows precise vacuum to be applied to switch for testing. Easier and more professional than sucking on a hose.

Test light. 120 volt   part # TL120     $38

Test_Light_120Attached to power leads to motors or ignitors. Allows quick indication of power on/off from outside the stove.


Jumper wire assortment   part # JMP     $40

Jumper_wire_AsstContains most of the jumper and ‘y’ test leads needed for most stoves.

Quadrafire auger motor/capacitor test connectors.      part # QFAT1     $96

Quadrafire_Auger_Moter_testAllows testing of motors and capacitors with or without molex connectors as well as verifying power from the board.


Parts and Supplies.

Gasket material

Ceramic 23000F  .125” thick.


Ceramic_Gasket_Material_2Used for most blower gaskets, burnpot gaskets, access ports, gas appliance burner and pilot mount plates. Cuts and punches easily.

1’x1’ sheet          part # GKTC1X1                 $14.00

2’ x 2’ sheet.       part # GKTC2X2                 $28.00

2’ x 10’sheet.      part # GKTC3X10               $118.00


Hole punch       part # HP       $18

hole_punchMakes clean holes in gasket material with minimal chance of tear out.

High temp red silicone vacuum tubing, 5000 F. 

high_temp_red__silicone_vacuum_tubing3/16” x 5’            part # SVT316X5               $16

3/16” x 25’          part # SVT316X25             $75

3/16” x 100’        part # SVT316X100           $240

We do not currently offer  Ό” tubing. This 3/16 is flexible enough to fit the few Ό” fittings we have encountered and does not need clamps to stay on. We do have a small quantity of Ό” on hand if you need it.


Semi-Universal Vacuum Switch     part # UVS     $58

semi_univeral_vacuum_switchCan be set for any pressure between .10-10.0” wc either positive or negative.

Chain Guard       part # CG1    $66

chain_guard_1chain_guard_2Prevents bent chain, sprocket and motor bracket caused by pellets falling into chain during loading.

Fits Enviro M-55, VistaFlame VF-55, Hampton GC/GCI 60

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