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New Catalog of items for Service of Pellet and Gas Appliances, as requested by our students: CHCH Catalog

Hearth and Chimney technology has changed since "August West" first started advertising in Mother Earth News in the 1970s when your only choice was a metal box and a brick chimney. Modern hearth appliances have stringent installation requirements, UL Listings, and complex electronics and circuitry. Today's "modern sweep" is a technician who needs a knowledge of psychics and electronics as well as fire codes.

Our classes are designed to help you increase your productivity, the services you can offer your customers, and your bottom line.

Selling a stove/insert creates a customer, providing professional service after the sale keeps them. Happy customers are repeat customers, and provide referrals.

Many companies lose money on service calls because the technician does not truly understand how the product works, and how to diagnose issues. (Removing parts and slapping in new ones until "something works" is a waste of time, expensive parts and makes your company look like they have no idea what they are doing. Hardly the professional, competent image you want to present).

Even your initial phone conversations with a customer who has a problem will be more effective, as you will know what questions to ask to narrow down the diagnosis before you leave the shop, and what parts and tools you need to bring. This cuts down on repeat service calls for the same problem, which in turn keeps you from losing money on service.

From former attendees:

"I wanted to tell you that the 2 techs we sent to the class really learned a lot and are still talking about it. Great job and thanks for taking the time to make sure our industry is given the opportunity to be as educated as possible."

"Thank you for offering the pellet stove servicing class this August. It was very informational - definitely a training I could not have easily received elsewhere. Mark shared a lot of excellent information, and I definitely feel better equipped to trouble-shoot pellet stove problems. Sincerely, Joe"


"Just got home and had some dinner.  Checking the phone and e-mail and wanted to let you know I enjoyed the class and got a lot out of it. I look forward to taking more classes at your fine school. Thanks again, Steve"


Hands_on_pellet_repairNext Classes will be in 2018.

We will also hold "private sessions" for any group or business who wants to reseve at least 8 seats. The Pellet Diagnostics class MUST be held at our NH facility, however we can do other classes, including NFI Reviews and Testing at your facility. Please contact us for details.
Mark will also be teaching HPBA's Expo in 2018 in Nashville!

Registration form here.

Pellet Diagnostics and Repair:

This is a hands on, non-brand specific class. Students will be learning on a variety of working units, including burning units.

This class is designed to provide an in depth knowledge of the theory and application of pellet control systems. It will cover how to service, troubleshoot and repair different types of pellet stoves including:

  • Basic Electrical and Electronics, and how they apply to pellet stoves.
  • Burn Systems
  • Feed Systems
  • Heat Delivery Methods
  • Component Function and Testing
  • Wiring Harness Diagnostic and Repair
  • Safety Systems
  • Tools and Test Equipment

Due to the extensive amount of material and hands on training this is a 2 day class, and is only available our facility in Farmington, NH. This class earns 12 Technical CEUs for NFI and CSIA re-certifications.
NFI Pellet Review and Exam will be offered as an option on a third day for some sessions, this is separate from the class, please see below.

Cost of the Pellet Diagnostics and Repair Class is $600 (includes both days, coffee and breakfast items, soda, lunches)

HPBA and NCSG members receive a $50 discount on registration. Additional $50 discount for 2nd (or more) person from the same company. All classes must be paid in advance.

Attendees will be given a coupon for $20 joining (for people who aren't already premium members). This is a great site! We have been premium members since it was offered and have found it very beneficial. Thank you Oliver Beauchemin

Olympia Chimney will also be offering a bonus discount for attendees!

Please contact Laura at 603-755-4835 for registration details, or email, please put Pellet Class in the subject line.

Holiday Inn Express, (603) 994-1175, is offering a discount to people taking our class. The hotel is less than 5 miles from our training center. Please mention "Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth" when making reservations.

NFI Review and Test:

The NFI Pellet Review and Certification: (this includes the manual, a full day review and the exam):

HPBA members $499, Non Members $699. This must be paid in advance. We will register you for the exam day and then NFI will send you the manual directly from them. You want to register as soon as possible as you will need to study the manual before the review. (We recommend a minimum of 4 weeks of study time).

YOU DO NOT have to register for the Pellet D & R class in order to register for the NFI Review and Test.

NFI Certification is not a License. Please contact your State's authority to determine what licenses you need for your state.

The following classes are available for your group or organization. Classes are for industry professionals unless otherwise noted. To sponsor a class please contact Mark at To attend any class listed below please contact the sponsoring agency, most classes are open. If a class you are interested in is not listed here please contact Mark, we can design a class to meet your needs. All classes listed below have been approved for CEUS by most organizations. All classes except Pellet D & R can be taught at your location. Pellet D & R is only at our facility in Farmington, NH due to the amount of hands on materials used.

Diagnostics and Repair of Pellet Appliances for the Professional. (This is a non brand specific class designed to help technicians in the field provide service to any homeowner)

Wood Burning Appliances

Pellet Burning Appliances

Wood and Pellet Burning Appliances - this is the only class currently designed for homeowners.

Basic electrical diagnostics for gas and pellet appliances

Electrical Bonding for Hearth Appliances and Liners

NFI certification courses for the wood, pellet or gas exams


Mark Jones, Instructor:

Mark has worked in the hearth industry for over 25 years. He is an NFI Master Hearth Professional, Fire Investigator (cause and origin),      Licensed Gas Hearth Products installer in NH and ME and has been teaching classes in the industry for 10+ years on both a local and national level.

Prior to becoming a chimney professional he had training in electronics, designed parts for the manufacturing industry, was an ASE Certified Master Mechanic specializing in computer systems, and had experience as a race car builder. He has extensive background in  electrical and mechanical maintenance and diagnostics.

Mark is an NFI Instructor for Certifications in Wood, Gas and Pellet, as well as classes he created for the Hearth Industry. He has taught  inspection criteria to fire departments, ASHI, Arson Investigators and more.

Pellet Diagnostics and Repair Class Attendees:

We highly recommend contacting these people for pellet service in their regional locations:

Keith Kupschull, John Taugher, ANC Heating & A/C, Binghamton, NY

Thomas Reynolds, Clean Sweep Chimney Sweep, Boston, MA

Socratis Sarras, Dan Culhane, Russell Nemet, The Chimney Chap, Bridgewater, MA

Eric Holtry, Matthew Himes, Anderson's Chimney Sweeps, Inc., New Cumberland, PA

Nick Nadorff, Stockbridge Gas Co, Stockbridge MA

Bryce Racicot, Son's Chimney Service, Milford, NH

David Spurr, Sweepman, Inc., North Reading, MA

Joshua Bell and Todd Richard, Northern Lights Hearth and Sports, Farmington, ME

Joe Bishop, MJ and Sons Chimney Services, Strong, ME

Stephen Ruchala, Jr., Ruchala Chimney Sweeping, Hubbardston, MA

Paul Bogdonoff and John Maccauley, Tri-State Chimney, Winchester, NH

Walt Costa, Island Chimney, Middletown, RI


Refund policy: If we cancel a class for any reason a full refund will be issued, or you may change your registration to a different date. If we have to cancel a certification review and exam we will refund the portion of the fee that goes to us, we can not issue a refund on the materials sent to you by NFI. You then have the option to take the class elsewhere, or again you may take it here on a different date. If you cancel after payment was received we can not offer a refund, but will be happy to register you for the same class on a different date. 



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