Water Protection:

Water is the number one cause of damage to your masonry chimney. Rain Caps, Water Sealants and Crown Coats can help your chimney last longer.

Every time it rains or snows that water goes straight down your chimney unless it is protected with a cap. Also every time it rains the masonry will absorb the water, breaking it down. A quick fix for crumbling water damaged masonry is called "pointing" and it is often done, however this is a temporary cosmetic solution, piling new mortar on top of old does not stop water intrusion. Proper water sealant and crown coating will stop the masonry from absorbing water.

Rain Caps:

Dangerous_chimney_rain_capWe only sell and install lifetime warranty stainless steel or copper rain caps. Galvanized caps rust out in as little as 1 -2 years, rendering them ineffective and possibly permanently staining the exterior of your chimney. Stone caps look traditional, but they can not be removed for proper cleaning of the flues, have no screening to prevent animal intrusion, and eventually the stacks that it rests on will deteriorate, and possibly cause the stone to fall. The stone can also crack into pieces and fall. 

Stainless steel and copper caps not only prevent rain intrusion, they open easily for cleaning flues, they never need to be replaced because they don't rust, and they are screened to keep out animals who may want to nest in your chimney (usually squirrels, birds, bats, and raccoons).

Needless to say we do not recommend the use of umbrellas to protect your chimney! (It looks humorous but is actually very dangerous even temporarily).

Water Sealing:

This is not the same product that you use on your deck. When fuel burns it gives of water vapor, and that vapor needs to be able to exit through the masonry. Regular water seal will not allow this to happen and will result in damage to your chimney. Professional chimney water sealers keep water drops from penetrating your masonry, but allow water vapor out. Also the chimney water seal only needs one application every 10 years.

Crown Coating:

Water sealers don't work as well on masonry crowns. This is a special rubberized paint that fills in all the small cracks in the crown and will not allow even standing water to penetrate. It can't be used on the entire chimney.

Using all 3 of these products together will keep your chimney looking nice, performing well and keep unwanted critters out of your house.

These pictures are of the chimney deterioration that occurred on a chimney with a stone cap and no water sealant or crown coat.


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