Chimney Sweeping:

Clean chimneys don't catch fire. Chimney fires are caused when the creosote present in the chimney ignites. A chimney fire can be small, and over quickly, or raging. Either way a chimney fire can damage your chimney, and your home.

It is very important to clean your wood or pellet stove system at the end of the burning season (Spring) rather than wait until Fall

Wood Ash absorbs humidity and forms Lye which is corrosive to the stove and venting system.

All pellet appliances must be cleaned at the end of the burning season, per manufacturer's instructions. The humidity in the air during the summer months is absorbed by pellets inside the unit causing them to break down and expand which can jam the fuel feed system and shorten the life of your stove. Most pellet manufacturers recommend in manual that this be done by an NFI Certified professional.

The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that all chimneys be inspected annually. But some chimneys may need to be cleaned more often, some less. How often a chimney needs cleaning depends on the type of fuel and how it is burned. All burning fuels leave a deposit in your chimney, including oil furnaces. Some of these can be corrosive, or cause chimney fires.

We offer a discount on multiple flues in the same residence if cleaned at the same time.

All cleanings include a Level I inspection.

Pictured is NFI Certified Master Hearth Professional Mark Jones, owner of Chestnut Hill Chimney & Hearth. Mark started sweeping as an August West Sweep 30 years ago.

In NH and ME there is no license possible for chimney professionals other than for working on gas appliances. Therefore there are a lot of unprofessional and "scam" sweeps out there. If you feel you have been a victim of a chimney sweep scam please contact your local police or fire department. Mark has worked with investigators in both New Hampshire and Maine to document chimney scams for legal proceedings. He performs private fire investigations and can document chimney fires or other damage for your insurance company. For questions about licenses and certifications click Licenses, Certifications and Titles.

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