In Home Consultations:

An in home consultation can help you determine what your options are for your home. We can discuss types of fuel, stoves, and where it can be located. This is not the same as a free quote. Quotes are when you know what you want and where it is likely to be going and we are coming by to give you a firm price on the project. A consultation is when you are still in the process of deciding.

The benefit of a consultation is that we come to you. When you go to a stove shop you will see lots of options, but the salesperson has probably never done an installation, may not know the applicable fire codes, and therefore may not be able to really tell you what will work in your home both beautifully and safely. When we come to you we can give you a variety of options, all of which are actually "do-able". We do charge for a consultation, however once you decide to proceed we will credit the full amount of the consultation to your account. If you know what you want and need a quote for the job there is no charge in our service area.

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