Fireplace Repairs:

Fireplaces are actually the most inefficient heat source in your home, in fact they can be a negative heat source. The cold you feel when you go into a different room is not your imagination, it is the fireplace drawing in outside air to feed itself.
There are alternatives to traditional fireplaces that still look nice but are actual heat sources, see the fireplace inserts here. They come in wood, gas or pellet, give a view of the fire and are a heating appliance. Inserts are made to fit into the fireplace and have reduced clearance requirements, a better alternative to a stove on the hearth piped through the fireplace flue.

However if you want to keep your traditional fireplace there are ways to upgrade/repair it.

The Ahren-Fire System

Ahren-Fire is a masonry fireplace restoration system. It can correct a lot of the problems caused by a fireplace that was not built properly, and still maintain the traditional look of an open masonry fireplace. It can bring a non compliant existing fireplace up to code. Although it does increase the efficiency of the fireplace, it still will not make it as efficient as a fireplace insert.

This system uses components cast from high temperature refractory material that looks like brick, and are curved to radiate more heat back into the room. It can be installed without changing your current fireplace face.

Mark Jones has been trained in the field on installing Ahren-Fire systems. For more information and an appointment to see if this system will solve your fireplace problems please call the office at 603-755-4835.

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