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Following are pictures of installations to inspire you. We can handle the entire installation for you from design to finish, including providing the unit, all the materials, the construction, the facing, the hearth, you name it. You will not need to hire separate contractors for each phase, or run around to different stores in different towns and arrange for coordinating deliveries or anything else. We do all the work, you enjoy your home's fresh new look. If none of these pictures capture what you want, no worries, we can do almost anything!

First Up, the gas fireplaces at "Wentworth By The Sea" in New Castle. They converted from wood to gas for easier maintenance in their lobby and dining room. It was such an honor to be able to work at such a historic and beautiful grand hotel. They truly don't make them like this anymore!


Below is an "almost" before and after set. The wooden mantel, brick hearth and wood insert had already been removed from the fireplace when the guys remembered to take a "before" picture. The wooden mantel was the same color as the floor, the black wood insert sat on the hearth protruding into the room. The customer was very unhappy with the dark and "heavy" appearance this gave the room. She is a widow in her 70s and wanted something that looked nicer, was easy to use (no hauling wood, adjusting dampers, smoke back in the room etc), provided ambiance when she had friends or family over, and heat when the power goes out. The after photo clearly shows that all of this was achieved, she was even able to reuse her old mantel, painting it and the trim green to frame the new fireplace.

beautiful_new_modern_gas_fireplace_installationThe gas fireplace to the right was installed onto a completely blank wall. The owners were going to buy an electric fireplace because they thought that was the only option if there was no original chimney to start with.

Their main concern was appearances, adding visual (and actual) warmth to their room. They wanted very clean simple lines, no stone or brick.

Recently they had guests who were very surprised when shown the "new" fireplace because they thought it had always been there it blended in so well.

So you see we can create the look you want, even starting from nothing.

The set of pictures below is the before, during and after of a major renovation in the living room of a home that is over 200 years old. A plain wall with 2 large windows that overlooked an enclosed porch was replaced with a built in media center, flat screen TV and, most importantly, a pellet stove that is the home's primary heat source. All wires are hidden behind false beams.



Next is a double sided gas fireplace used as a room divider. This was an empty space between an inside and outside wall that is now both decorative and functional. A bookcase was added and conceals the venting. The homeowner was going to do the finish painting. Again another example of creating something from nothing.

New fireplaces with new stone facing for a very traditional New England look

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