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Wood and Gas Fireplaces:*

We have a new line of wood fireplaces: RSF.  We also carry Regency which has both Wood and Gas Fireplaces, and Enviro, Majestic and Napoleon have Gas Fireplaces. These are indoor fireplaces, click the highlighted words for Outdoor Fireplaces or for Gas Fireplace Inserts, Wood Fireplace Inserts, Pellet Inserts. We can finish the fireplace however you wish, surrounding it with tile, brick or manufactured stone facing. See our Gallery of Good Ideas for some of our installations. The goal is to provide you with a beautiful fireplace in whatever style suits your home and family. We even have models that are rated for use in mobile homes. Some of these lines are new to us, please bear with us while we update this page. All photographs, measurements and specs are provided by the manufacturers.

RSF Wood Burning Fireplaces:
The Focus series: Focus 250 has a 2.1 cubic ft firebox and takes 18" logs, Focus 320 has 2.6 cubic ft firebox, takes 22" logs, and is mobile home approved, Focus ST is a 4.1 cubic ft "see through" fiebox that takes 20" logs.

The Opel Series: Opel 2 Catalytic 3.6 cubic ft firebox, takes 18" logs, Opel 3 Catalytic has is the same size, but has a single door.


Pearl 2.1 cubic ft firebox that takes 16" logs, more of a classic look than the more modern Focus


Onyx 2 mobile home approved 3.1 cubic ft firebox that takes 20" logs


Delta Fusion 4.4 cubic ft firebox takes 24" logs. Unique combustion has extremly low emissions output


Regency Indoor Fireplaces:

Wood Fireplaces:
The first is the Classic R90 line 38" wide x  42.625" high, the second is the Excalibur EX90 which is 43" wide x 38.75" high, both are rated at 70,000 BTUs
, and can take a 20" log. Both have optional screen doors.

Gas Fireplaces:
Unless otherwise specified all units are available in Natural Gas or Propane versions. In some cases Natural Gas has a slightly higher BTU rating than Propane.

The Excalibur P90 Gas Fireplace is 35,000 BTUs, 37" wide x 29.25" high
(first picture)
The Liberty L965E is 48,00 BTUs 36.81" wide x 33.25" high
(second picture)


The Bellavista has several options available for inner panels (options can include standard brick patterns in brown, rustic red or charcoal, reflective black enamel, or castle-stone bricks) and fronts can include different finishes on the front panels in black, chrome, or Tuscan sunset, or trim on louvers. The Medium size B36XTCE in the first picture is 31,000 BTUs and measures 40 1/2 " wide x 35 1/2 "" high, the B36XTE next to it measures 36" wide x 35 1/2" high; the Large B41XTCE is 37,500 BTUs for LP, 42,500 BTUs for NG, 46.6875" wide x 44.25" high. The B41XTE is 42" wide x 37" high


The Panorama series also has a variety of options for finishes, screens, brick panels to create the look you want:

There are 2 sizes for standard fireplaces:
Small: P33 approx 22,000 BTUs 33" wide x 29" high, P33CE 20,000 BTUs 29.4735" wide x 21.375" high

Medium: P36 30,000 BTUs 36" wide x 30.5" high, P36D same specifications as the P33, with a 5" deeper firebox

And 2 Variations for "See-Thru" Fireplaces, 2 Sided and 3-Sided.
Both are approx 39-40,000 BTUs, The 2-Sided P121 is 43.5" wide x 36" high x 25" deep, The 3-Sided P131 is 41.5" wide, 36" high, 25" deep


Enviro Indoor Gas Fireplaces:

The Enviro Q1 is 25" x 35", 20,000 BTUs and has black or ledgestone liner options and 2 styles of surrounds.

The Enviro Q2 measures 34" x 30" with 24,000 BTUs and a choice of liners and surrounds.

The Enviro Q4 (no we didn't miss one the Q3 is a Fireplace Insert) measures 45" x 52" with 48,000 BTUs. There are 3 different firebox liner options, Porcelain, Ledgestone or Rustic Brick

The Enviro DV36 is mobile home rated, it measures 36" x 34", is 31,000 BTUs and has several style options, louvers that can be black, or trimmed in copper or nickel, or Cape Cod doors.

The DV42DX is also mobile home rated, measures 36" x 31" and is 38,000 BTUs. This unit has several different face treatments in order below: the Cape Cod, The Lodge, The Manor and the Cottage. The Cottage also has a trim kit available in black, pewter or copper.


*Mark Jones is licensed to install and service gas hearth appliances in both New Hampshire and Maine.These licenses are required by the states. We also have a Mechanical Business Entity License in NH, required for all businesses who work on gas appliances of any type and plumbers. Ours is for Heath Systems, # MBE1500864. In NH final hookup of gas or oil appliances must be completed by a professional with that specific license, usually from your gas provider or oil burner technician.  Being "certified" is not the same as being licensed. Click for more information on Licenses, Certifications and Titles.

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