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We sell Enviro and Regency Gas Stoves and Inserts. If you are looking for Gas Fireplaces for Indoors or Out  please click the highlighted link Wood and Gas Fireplaces, or Outdoor Gas Fireplaces.
Like wood stoves, gas stoves are designed to be a freestanding unit, if you want to use a fireplace to vent any stove it is best to go with a fireplace insert, which is designed to fit into the fireplace opening with much less issues.We give the dimensions of the freestanding stoves, fireplace insert sizes are determined by the existing fireplace opening, it is best to chose the look you want and then have us take measurements to see what will work with your fireplace. Gas stoves and fireplace inserts can work without electricity providing a reliable heat source during our unreliable New England winters.

Enviro Gas Stoves and Fireplace Inserts:
Freestanding Gas Stoves:

The Ascot is a small cast iron 17,000 BTU stove measuring 14" deep x 19" wide x 24"high. It is available in 3 finishes Painted Black, Diamond Black enamel (pictured) or Chestnut Brown enamel.

The Westport is also a cast iron stove with 30,000 BTUs measuring 16" deep x 26" wide x 27" high and available in Painted Black (pictured), Diamond Black enamel and Chestnut Brown enamel.

The EG 28 and EG 40 both have pedestal bases and the option of a gold door. The EG 28 is 26,500 BTUs and measures 19" deep x  22" wide x 27" high, the EG 40 is a 40,000 BTU stove that measures 21" deep x  25" wide x 29" high.


Gas Fireplace Inserts:

The E20, E30, E33 and E44 are all clean faced (no louvers) with a variety of surround and firebox elements. The differences are the sizes of the units and their BTUs. The surround options are Extruded, Contemporary, Trimmable and Keystone. The E44 also has the option of Cape Cod doors. All of them have the options of either Ceramic Brick liner or Black Enameled liner, the E30, E33 and E44 also have the option of a Ledgestone liner. All of them come with the High Definition Log Set, which cane be substituted with a glass filled bowl burner of the E33, or decorative stones and glass on the E20 and E30



The Q1 has a clean face, no louvers, and is 20,00 BTUs with a choice of Black Enamel or Ledgestone firebox liners

The EG31 has the options of an over-sized surround and the option of a Cape Cod face.


Regency Gas Stoves and Fireplace Inserts

Freestanding Gas Stoves:

C34_Regency%27s_small_classic_gas_stoveThe Regency Classic Small Gas Stove C34.
Natural or LP Gas 32,000 BTU stove that measures 24" wide x 30" high x 22" deep. It has a variety of options including black, gold or nickel door trim, legs or black pedestal. It also has different remote control and thermostat options. It has the appearance of a traditional wood stove, complete with glowing embers.

U38_medium_gas_stove_with_pedestalThe Regency U38 or U39 Medium Gas Stove.
38,000 BTUs. Measures 26" wide x 30" high x 18" deep. The bay shaped glass door gives large view of the fire. Door and lovers have trim options of gold, nickel or black. Optional choices of thermostats and remotes. The difference between the units is one is designed for B-Vent, the other for Direct Vent.

The Hampton Line is a more traditional looking cast iron stove with optional colored enamel finishes:

The H15 Small Gas Stove
15,000 BTUs, Measures 21" wide x 22.5" high x 17" deep. Natural or LP Gas, Direct Vent. Optional finishes, remotes, thermostats and door grill.


The H27 Medium Gas Stove
25,000 BTUs Natural Gas, 23,000 BTUs LP. Measures 25" wide x 27" high x 16.5" deep. Direct Vent.
Optional finishes, remotes, thermostats and door grill.

The H35 Large Gas Stove
36,000 BTUs Natural Gas, 34,000 BTUs LP. Measures 27" wide x 28" high x 21" deep. Direct Vent. Has options for the inner brick panels, double screen doors, remotes, thermostats and colors.


Gas Fireplace Inserts:

Liberty Small Medium and Large Inserts:
The Small insert (L234)  is 23,500 BTUs Natural Gas, 21,500 LP. The Medium (L390EB)  is 31,000 BTUs and the Large (L540E) is 38,000 BTUs. All of the Liberty inserts have a clean face with face-plate and brick liner options, the medium and large also have screen door options.


The Horizon is very contemporary, with optional full screen door and also fire-bed options. Instead of traditional logs the fire burns on pebbles or crystals in black, blue, white or copper. The Small (HZ1234E) is 16,550 BTUs Natural Gas, 15,000 BTUs LP. The Medium (HZ1390E) is 31,000 BTUs and the Large (HZI540E) is 38,000 BTUs.

The Energy Line has a variety of options for face-plates, trim, louvers and brick liners. The Small (E21) is 23,500 BTUs for Natural Gas, 22,500 for LP. The Large (E33) is 38,000 BTUs for Natural Gas, 35,500 BTUs LP.


The Energy "U" series. The U31 is a Small B-Vent insert with 30,000 BTUs Natural Gas, 27,500 BTUs LP. The U32 is a medium insert with 30,000 BTUs. As with the other Regency lines there are a variety of options to customize the look.

The Excalibur Line is an arched face-plate to fit over the other gas inserts (so an EX-U31 is the U31 model with the Excalibur look). The Excalibur upgrade is available for the U31, and the E33

*Mark Jones is licensed to install and service gas hearth appliances in both New Hampshire and Maine.These licenses are required by the states. We also have a Mechanical Business Entity License in NH, required for all businesses who work on gas appliances of any type and plumbers. Ours is for Heath Systems, # MBE1500864. In NH final hookup of gas or oil appliances must be completed by a professional with that specific license, usually from your gas provider or oil burner technician. Being "certified" is not the same as being licensed. Click for more information on Licenses, Certifications and Titles.
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