Installation of Appliances:

(Wood, Gas* or Pellet Stoves, Inserts and Fireplaces)

First: if you are looking for a "one size fits all" pricing package then you are on the wrong web site. We refuse to generalize our customers and give them inferior products, incorrectly installed without regard for clearances, flue sizes, and fire codes.

If you buy a garment that is "one size fits all" it may be a little big, or small, or short or long but regardless it won't destroy your home, poison your air or put your family's safety at risk. Unfortunately the same can not be said for hearth systems. Too large or small a flue will prevent proper venting and increase your risks of chimney fires. Improper clearance to combustibles, especially hidden ones, will cause them to catch on fire. Improperly vented gas or oil appliances can leak carbon monoxide into your home.

Which is why when you call us, we will come out to your home, and help you determine the correct appliance and venting for you and your family. Our goal as a business is not to have lots trucks on the road doing fast installations, as many as possible in a day, so that we can advertise "x # installed annually". Your home is not just one more number to tally, when we are talking to you we promise you will have our full attention (we will not be taking cell phone calls from other customers, or texting anyone) and we will only be concerned with your home and your family's happiness and safety. Nothing will be rushed unless you need it to be.

We provide inspections prior to changing out one appliance for another (required by the NFPA 211) Often a more modern appliance, even of the same type, will require different venting and hearth protection than an older one.

There are many beautiful, and practical, hearth appliances on the market today that can be used for heat, or ambiance. They burn a wide variety of fuels: wood, gas or pellets and each has its' own strong points and drawbacks. All stoves, fireplaces and inserts come in a wide variety of styles, from very traditional to modern - we have gas units that appear to burn on colored glass or smooth river stones instead of log sets. We can also provide and install "see thru" gas fireplaces in many styles.

Because we are an independently owned company, and are not affiliated with any one particular stove shop, we can give you advice on which appliance is right for your needs from a variety of sources, from our own suppliers direct to you. We can recommend specific products and models, help you determine size, placement, hearth requirements, and venting options. When you are ready to buy we can do the installation for you - including all chimneys, liners, tear-down, construction, walls, flooring, hearth pads, mantels, tile, stonework ... anything from a simple installation to a major renovation, or new construction.*

Mark Jones is a nationally certified expert in each type of appliance through NFI. Mark teaches the certification classes, so he is always reviewing the latest in products, codes and applications, as well as classes for inspections to Fire Marshalls, Fire Departments and Home Inspectors, and technical classes to other hearth professionals, on a national level. Figuring out the right way to do something is what he does best.

All units are always installed to National Fire Code and the manufacturer's instructions. We have a special gas appliance computer program to make sure that gas appliances are vented correctly and safely.

*Mark Jones is licensed to install and service gas hearth appliances in both New Hampshire and Maine. These licenses are required by the states. We also have a Mechanical Business Entity License in NH, required for all businesses who work on gas appliances of any type and plumbers. Ours is for Heath Systems, # MBE1500864. In NH final hookup of gas or oil appliances must be completed by a professional with that specific license, usually from your gas provider or oil burner technician.  Being "certified" is not the same as being licensed. Click for more information on Licenses, Certifications and Titles.

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