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You want a home that is beautiful, warm and inviting. We want to help you achieve that, safely and efficiently.

We are not your typical stove shop, in fact we don't own a stove shop. We are first and foremost a service business that carries several top quality retail brands. Service always comes first. We come out to your home and do a site inspection and consultation with you. We will help you to determine what can be installed into your home that will accomplish your goals. We can do the entire job, from design to finish, including the carpentry, installation of a liner or metal chimney or venting, create or repair a hearth, stone/brick or tile the walls and provide NFPA compliant floor protection, so that your home is warm, stays safe, and looks beautiful. Not sure of what type of fuel you want to burn (wood vs pellet vs gas?) then try our comparing fuels page to determine which fuel is right for your lifestyle.

Very often traditional stove shops have a wide variety of display units, but the sales people do not install or maintain these types of units, so although they know what you like the looks of, they don't know what will physically work in your home, whether you have clearance issues that need to be fixed (especially hidden clearance to combustible problems), the best placement for the chimney/venting, the specific requirements of that chimney and they sell you a stove that "looks good", hand you a business card of someone that they have a deal with that can install it cheaply (not necessarily correctly), and send you on your way. We want you to be happy with every aspect of your purchase: how the product looks, how well it works, and how safely it was installed according to manufacturer's specs and National Fire Code, protecting your home and family while adding beauty and warmth.

Click on the Products below to be taken to their pages to see the wide variety available to you, not every brand and model is pictured (too many for practical page purposes) but give us a call and we will be happy to come out and provide brochures for every line:

Wood Stoves and Inserts, Gas Stoves and Inserts, Wood or Gas Fireplaces, Pellet Stoves and Inserts, Pellet Furnaces, Multi-Fuel Furnaces, Outdoor Fireplaces.

Please do not stop by here, we do not have a showroom, we come to you which is better because then we can see what, where, how and any problems before you purchase, and may be able to recommend things you hadn't even considered.





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