Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts:

Wood stoves and inserts are very similar. The main difference is that an insert is designed to fit into a fireplace opening, with reduced clearances and less projection into the room than putting a wood stove on the hearth. If the stove is going to be standing on its own you need a free standing wood stove. If it is being piped through a fireplace opening you should use an insert. All pictures are provided by the manufacturers.

Hampton is a line of traditional looking cast iron stoves, made by Regency, available in a traditional black painted finish or brown enamel :

The 2 smaller units are the H200 freestanding wood stove and the HI200 Fireplace Insert:
Hampton_H200_Medium_Wood_Stove Hampton_H200_woodstove_in_Brown_Enamel

The larger units are the H300 and the HI 300:

Regency Steel Stoves and Fireplace Inserts:

The "Alterra" Line comes in small and medium versions (the look for sizes both is identical).

The "Classic" Line, The "Hearth Heater" version is a combination of a free standing stove and insert, it projects out onto the hearth and gives you a cooking surface during power outages.



Sierra is Another Brand We Carry:

The 2100 comes in 3 Variations, legs, pedestal or insert:


The 8000 can be freestanding or a hearth stove

The 4700TEC has a unique bay window


And the 5300 is available as a pedestal free standing or fireplace insert

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