Service and Repair:

Wood, Gas or Pellet Stoves and Fireplaces and All Chimney Types, Including Warranty Repairs:

We can service any brand that we sell, and most other brands of appliances as well.

Pellet Appliances should be professionally serviced annually (check your manual) and most pellet manufacturers strongly recommend that the service be done by someone who is NFI Pellet Certified. Both Mark and David are NFI Master Hearth Professionals, which means they carry all 3 certifications - wood, gas and pellet.

Wood Stoves, Inserts and Fireplaces: We can repair wood stoves and inserts (doors, glass, gaskets, firebrick), we can also repair fireplaces using the Ahrens Fireplace Restoration System.

Gas Appliances in NH or ME can only be serviced by a licensed technician. We maintain the appropriate licenses in both states.

Oil Burners, we can not service the oil burner itself, however we work on oil burner chimneys and install liners for them. (Your oil burner service technician does not work on chimneys.) Oil flues do need maintenance, soot can build up and block the draft, pieces of clay flue tile or bricks can fall down and cause problems as well. If oil flues are not drafting properly, or if there are even tiny cracks or gaps in the chimney, they can allow carbon monoxide back into your home. A large number of our emergency service calls are not chimney fire related, they are broken or clogged oil flues that are causing CO poisoning.

Damaged Chimneys should be inspected as soon as possible. Chimney damage can cause all sorts of problems, from smoke backing up into the room, or water leakage to causing chimney/home fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. If the damage was caused by a specific incident (lightening strike, chimney fire, ice damming) your homeowners insurance may cover part or all of the costs of repairs. And we will work with you and your agent to get the repairs you need.

If you are a hearth products professional looking for information on our classes that teach service and repair please click: CHC&H Training Center

Warranty Parts and Service 

We will provide warranty service on any stove that we sell. We can also provide warranty service on stoves purchased elsewhere provided that they are a brand that we sell. We cannot provide warranty service on brands that we donít sell.

Manufacturerís warranty usually only covers the cost of the part, not service or shipping. There will be a service charge for all warranty calls, including to verify if the part is damaged, needs repair, or is covered by the warranty, as well as to replace the damaged part. This charge can vary based on your location.

Normally we have to pay for all parts and shipping in advance, then we are reimbursed for the part only after the manufacturer examines the damaged part and determines whether it is covered by warranty. If they decide it isnít then we are not reimbursed. On stoves that were not purchased directly from us or the cause of damage is unclear, we will need to receive payment in full at the time of the service call, and we will reimburse you when/if we are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

We are not the ones who determine whether or not a part is covered by warranty, the manufacturer is the only one who can make that determination.

If you call for a part that you have diagnosed yourself there will still be a charge for coming out to replace it, and if the part is not the correct one, or covered by the warranty, you will be responsible for the cost of that part. Many parts are returnable, but shipping and restocking fees apply.

Sometimes manufacturers can take a while to process warranty claims and ship parts. We have no control over their processes. All scheduling for parts replacement will be made after we have received the part from the manufacturer.


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