Wood, Pellet and Combination Furnaces:

We have furnaces that burn wood pellets or a combination of cord wood and wood pellets. Both of these furnaces can work with your existing hot water system, there is a conversion that can be done for hot air systems. In almost all cases you can still retain your oil burner to use as a alternative if needed. The advantage of the combination furnace is  that if you run out of pellets you can burn cord wood, with a simple changeover that most homeowners can do themselves (no service call required), also many people prefer to burn pellets during the week when they are working because it is easier, and wood on the weekends when they are home. So say goodbye to high priced foreign oil and hello to sustainable, renewable, North American produced energy.

WoodMaster Furnaces:

If you purchased the self feeding external hopper it qualifies the furnace for a 30% tax credit. And you can go a LONG time without having to reload it.

Woodmaster_Pellet_FurnacePellet only furnace. Firebox 23.5" x 24", door size 16" x 16", overall size 3.75' x 4.33' x 5.8'. 60 gallon water capacity, 102,000 BTU.

Flex_Fuel_FurnaceFlex-fuel furnace. Comes in 2 sizes. Can burn either cord wood or wood pellets, can use the self feed external hopper for the pellets. Can switch between the 2 fuels with simple adjustments.

The 100,000 BTU furnace measures 24" wide x 48" long x 54" high with a 22.5" x 14" x 25" firebox. 24 gallon capacity. This is designed to heat most homes up to 2000 sq ft.

The 200,000 BTU furnace measures 32.5" wide x 60" long x 60" high with a firebox 26.5" x 22" x 28". 50 gallon capacity.

For more about oil burner flue service please click the highlighted link: Oil Burner Chimneys. We do not sell or install oil burners.
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