Wood Stoves and Fireplace Inserts:

Wood stoves and inserts are very similar. The main difference is that an insert is designed to fit into a fireplace opening, with reduced clearances and less projection into the room than putting a wood stove on the hearth. If the stove is going to be standing on its own you need a free standing wood stove. If it is being piped through a fireplace opening you should use an insert. Most models/styles of freestanding stoves have an insert version. We give the dimensions of the free-standing stoves, insert size is determined by the fireplace you already have and we can take the measurements to see what will fit.We have 3 brands of wood stoves/inserts, Enviro and Regency, shown below and just recently picked up DutchWest which will be pictured here soon!. All pictures are provided by the manufacturers.

Enviro Wood Stoves and Wood Fireplace Inserts:

The Kodiak wood stove comes in 3 size, the 1200 and 1700 are identical except for size.
The 1200 is 23" deep x 25" wide x 30 1/2" high (flat top) or 33" high (step top), 67,000 BTUs takes an 18" log. The 1700 has the same dimensions except it is 27" deep, has a 74,000 BTU output and takes a 20" log. Both the 1200 and 1700 are mobile home approved. The Extra Large 2100 has the same appearance but some different construction features including a removable secondary air system. It measures 30" deep x 25" wide x 34" high.
All 3 units have a variety of options. The stoves come in either flat top or step top styles, the doors cast iron or painted doors can be flat black or trimmed in gold or nickel, the legs can be black, gold or nickel or you can have a pedestal base with an ash pan. The wood fireplace inserts have the same door options as the freestanding stoves. The pictures below show some of the options, the first is all black flat top, the second step top, nickel legs, third all black pedestal base, fourth picture is the Kodiak fireplace insert:




The Boston wood stoves are a traditional appearing stove that come is a variety of finishes: painted black, Diamond black enamel and Chestnut Enamel. They have optional side shelves and they have a cooking surface. They are mobile home approved. The Boston 1200 is 25" deep x 30" wide x 31" high with a BTU of 67,000, takes an 18" log. The Boston 1700 is 29" deep x 30" wide x 31" high, has a BTU output of 74,000 and takes a 20" log. The Boston wood fireplace inserts have the same color options as the freestanding stoves. Some of the options are pictured below:



Enviro has 2 Additional styles of wood fireplace inserts
The Venice 1200 and 1700 have cast iron tops and doors:

The Cabello 1200 and 1700 are mobile home approved and have a completely different look with a flush face:

Regency Wood Stoves and Wood Fireplace Inserts:

The Hampton Cast Iron Line:
Hampton is a line of traditional looking cast iron stoves, made by Regency, available in a traditional black painted finish or brown enamel :
The 2 smaller units are the H200 freestanding wood stove and the HI200 Fireplace Insert, the freestanding stove is approx 25" deep x 24" wide x deep x 27 1/2" high and both take a 16" log, max BTUs are approx 38,800 for the stove, 55,000 for the insert:
Hampton_H200_Medium_Wood_Stove Hampton_H200_woodstove_in_Brown_Enamel

The medium units are the H300 and the HI300, the freestanding unit measures 26" deep x 27" wide x 30" high and they both take an 18" log, Max BTUs approx 45,500 for the freestanding stove, 75,000 for the insert:

The largest is only available as a fireplace insert, the HI400. It takes up to a 22" log with a max output of 77,000 BTUs:

Regency Steel Stoves and Fireplace Inserts:

The Alterra comes in small and medium versions (the look for sizes both is identical).
The Freestanding stoves are Small CS1200  22" deep x 27" wide x 38" high with a BTU of approx 55,000 and take an 18" log. The medium CS2400 is 29" deep x 27 1/2 " wide x 39" high, 75,000 BTUs and an 18" log. The BTUs on the insert CI1250 are also 55,000.

The Classic Line:
All of the sizes of stoves and inserts have the same look and options, shown below. The freestanding wood stoves can have black or nickel trimmed doors, and black or nickel legs, or a pedestal. The Inserts can have black or nickel trimmed doors and have optional screens.

The Small F110 stove is 16" deep x 24" wide x 32" high. It has a BTU output of 55,000 and takes an 18" log.  The insert I1200 is 55,000 BTUs takes an 18" log.
The Medium F2400 is 27 1/2" deep x 24" wide x 30 1/2" high, 75,00 BTUs, 18" log. The I2400 insert is also BTUs of 75,000, 18" log.
The Large wood stove F3100 is 25 1/2" deep x 28" wide and 35" high. It has a BTU output of 80,000 and can take a 21" log. The insert has a max BTU output of 75,000.
There is also a Step-Top Stove, S2400, which is 27 1/2" deep x 24" wide x 32 1/2" high same BTUs as the Medium.



The Hearth Heater H2100 is a combination of a free standing stove and insert, it projects out onto the hearth and gives you a cooking surface during power outages. 18" log size and 70,000 BTUs. It is 28" wide x 20" high


Regency's newest Line is the Pro-Series Hybrid Catalyst Wood Stoves
They feature adjustable heat output, with a lever to engage the catalyst, and can burn 24+ hours on one load of wood. The Large F3500 has an output of 75,000 BTUs, can take a 20" log and measures 24 1/2" deep x 26" wide x 36" high.
The Extra Large F5100 is 29" deep x 29" wide x 39" high with a max BTU of 80,000 and a max log of 22".

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